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Getting Chiseled isn’t just about how you look, it’s about reaching your peak in every category across the board. Each of us has an unlimited amount of potential, we just need the tools and advice to unlock it. That’s where we come in.

Our magazine pursues the top experts that not only know how to get results in the gym, but they’ve also done the research and expertise to get you there. Chiseled cuts the fat and gives you only what you need. What we won’t do is bombard you with ridiculous diets and make outrageous claims. We are not here to cut corners. No trends, no gimmicks. Just cold-hard facts that guarantee results.

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"What It's Like To Starve" - Interview with Donavon Warren

Will CrossFit Get Me Ripped?

CrossFit is a popular fitness program if you are like me. Perhaps your Facebook friends post photos of themselves after a CrossFit workout and then talk about how sore they feel afterwards.
5 Steps To Get Chiseled

5 Steps to Get Chiseled

If you hit a wall and don’t know where your next steps are, reflect on what you can work on.


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Three Tips to Improve Recovery

Are you tired and sore after a workout?


How to Get Massive Shoulders

If you can select a muscle group to target, the shoulders are an excellent choice.


How To Get Massive Shoulders 1

Hitting Your Macros

“If It Fits Your Macros,” the universal dieting term is widely used but what does it mean?


Hitting Your Macros 1

Get Functional Fitness For Core Strength

We get that “functional” sounds boring. Functional is a great adjective in fitness. Functional is a general term that describes the movements and exercises that prepare your body for daily activities.