How to do an Egg Cleanse in 2022

Many people have heard of a juice cleanse, a soup cleanse, and various other types of trendy cleanses that come to mind. Either you see someone on a daytime talk show or the cover of a tabloid newspaper cover. An egg cleanse is much different though. No tough diets, no expensive all-natural ingredients, and a whole different approach to expelling bad energy from your body. 

Before you ask “how to do an egg cleanse,” consider its history and its purpose. Though the practice gained popularity a few years ago, the practice dates back several centuries and was performed by many different cultures. 

The practice is commonly known to have originated in Mexico or Mesoamerica (also referred to as la limpia in Spanish) but there has been history of the cleanse being done in Italy, Greece, Scotland, and the Philippines. Regardless of where it actually started, their respective instructions on how to do an egg cleanse do not vary much.

In this article, we will go into how to do an egg cleanse, the different methods of how to do an egg cleanse, and what it will do for you.

How to do a Cleansing with an Egg

Cleansing With An Egg

Before doing the ritual, some planning must be done beforehand. A simple measure is getting the ingredients ready. While there are variations in the practice from culture to culture (and even family to family), it is generally known that one requires the following:

  • A room temperature egg. The egg may need to rest outside the fridge for a couple of hours to be used for the ritual. You must part ways with the egg because it will not be healthy for consumption after the ritual. So make sure you have an available egg that you are okay not using later on. 
  • A clear, glass cup with room temperature water. Plastic cups are not recommended for this practice. The same goes for water temperature–neither hot nor cold water is recommended. 
  • Some table salt will be needed to cleanse the egg. Saltwater is used in the first step of cleaning the egg. Lemon juice and rubbing alcohol have also been used before, but salt is needed for the water regardless.

The first step of how to do an egg cleanse is to cleanse the egg itself of any impurities or negative energies. Take your room temperature egg and wash it in some salted water. Some people have been known to add lemon juice to the water as well. After cleaning the egg, rinse it in clean water and dry it off with a towel.

When you ask yourself “how to do an egg cleanse”, consider what you’re doing the egg cleanse for. During the initial step of how to do an egg cleanse–the actual egg cleaning aspect–it is normal to say a prayer or two. Some experts also pass the egg through a flame several times to further ward off negative energy. If that isn’t your speed or prerogative, then you can just set a secular intention or ask any spirits to help with the process.

How to do an Egg Cleansing

The egg cleansing can be performed in a couple of different manners. After your egg is properly cleansed, choose where and how to do an egg cleanse. Some people prefer to have it done as a treatment and ask a qualified specialist to perform it or one can do it solo. A qualified specialist may add further qualities that enhance the experience but it is not always necessary. In the privileged case you have a curandera/curandero (or healer) do the ritual, they will be able to tell you your results with a more case-by-case knowledge. 

The person performing the cleanse may also choose to be sitting down, lying down, or standing up. As long as the other requirements are met, the setting does not matter as much as how to do an egg cleanse itself. 

Once the egg is prepped, the setting can be prepped as well. If you have a white candle or some incense available, you can keep it going throughout the ritual.

How to do an Egg Cleanse on Yourself

Step two of how to do an egg cleanse is to rub the egg on your body from head to toe. Use the egg to rub in a circular motion–kind of like scrubbing–and make sure to hit every place in the body. Be gentle as possible with the egg throughout the process as it can get heavy from absorbing all the energy. Make sure to rub the soles of the feet as well because it carries your full weight throughout the day.

After the process is done, the fun (or worrying) part begins. Grab your clear glass of room temperature water and add some salt to it. Although the preliminary steps of how to do an egg cleanse are technically over–your body is cleansed–you may want to see what happens after. Crack the egg into the water and let it sit for a few minutes before you inspect its qualities. Each egg will have its own qualities after the process:

How To Do A Cleansing With An Egg
  • If bubbles are emanating from the egg, that’s a good sign. The egg has done its job and the body’s negative energy, stress, or weakness has been expelled.
  • If the egg whites resemble spikes or needles, there may be some people around you with some bad intentions. Consider the people around you and if they are providing bad energy, it could be actively affecting your own energy.
  • If you see a face in the yolk or if it resembles an animal, it will be more obvious who has a problem with you. The face will replicate the person who has an issue with you or you might have a problem with a specific animal. 
  • If the glass is cloudy or the yolk resembles an eye, it could mean that someone has given you the evil eye. The evil eye resembles bad luck that someone has inflicted on you. 
  • If there are brown, black, or red spots, you may be dealing with a sickness. It may be a sickness that’s affecting you, whether it be mental or physical. The glass may also have a bad odor. Consider making a doctor’s appointment.
  • If the yolk drops or is not visible, you may be a victim of magic. If the yolk immediately sinks to the bottom, it might be heavy with exceptionally negative energy. A second egg on hand may be used. 
  • If the whites form peaks and valleys or form a cobweb-like shape, you may be stressed or caught in a funk. Stress is very common and it shows in your egg cleanse. 
  • If it’s clear, it means that you have little or no negative energy. You’re good to go another day. 

Keep in mind that these are somewhat a consensus of what these characteristics mean. By no means is it a full transcription of what is happening with your life. If you really want to get down to the root of the problem and what is blocking your path(s), it is recommended to see a specialist that knows how to do an egg cleanse properly so they can get a better idea of who you are and what you are experiencing.

How To Do An Egg Cleanse On Yourself

After the egg has been deciphered, the last essential step on how to do an egg cleanse is to responsibly throw away the egg. If you do not care about reading your results, you can even dispose of the egg directly. It is customary to flush the egg down the toilet, followed by some salt water or lemon juice. Other methods can also be used, such as throwing it into a running stream or near a tree. 

As long as you don’t eat it, it is in the clear. Even if you are famished, what is the logic behind eating the egg that absorbed all the negative energy? It would reintroduce it back into your body. Other than extracting all the bad energy from your body, proper ritual instruction would have the egg out of the fridge for multiple hours. Use your new, rejuvenated body to go to the store and get yourself some fresh eggs–you deserve it.

How to Properly do an Egg Cleanse

We have properly laid out how to do an egg cleanse with the general steps. To reiterate, they are as follows:

  1. Acquire an egg (or two) and set it out of the fridge to become room temperature. It may take a few hours.
  2. Wash it with salt water, lemon juice, or rubbing alcohol. Set an intention or say a prayer during the process. 
  3. Rub the egg around your body from head to toe. Be careful as it can become heavy with negative energy.
  4. Crack the egg into a clear, glass cup full of salted, room temperature water. Refer to the bullet points above to see possible characteristics and their respective outcomes.
  5. Dispose of the egg by flushing it (followed by salt water or lemon juice).

Now that you know how to do an egg cleanse, it is time to see how your life can be playing out and how you can improve it. 

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