Be more productive by outsmarting your own brain

You are not the only one who has felt pulled back by your brain. Many people feel this way because it is difficult to get started on something they truly want. It is difficult to keep focused and stick to a task, even when you start.

Distractions are becoming more appealing these days. The human brain seems to enjoy getting distracted. If not, it would not be difficult to face one thing at a time and complete it.

Everybody has experienced this productivity block at one time or another, even the most intelligent and hardworking. You don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed about it. You should learn how to hack your brain to do the things you need.

You don’t need to have a lot of resources or time. You already have all the tools you need to change your brain. Here are some ways you can do this.

Learn how to manage stress

Although you may not realize it, stress can have a negative impact on your brain. You don’t have to do anything, but stress can cause anxiety, depression, laziness, and lack of motivation.

Your mind and body will begin to feel stressed when you have these symptoms. You will procrastinate and feel punished if you do not finish the task.

You can stop this problem by learning stress management techniques to relax your mind and make you more productive. Here are some ways to manage stress:


You don’t have to attend physical classes. Youtube has many yoga videos that can help you to refresh your mind.

Going to the gym

You will feel more connected to others in the gym if you are surrounded by them. Your brain will be refreshed as you move your muscles and this will show in your productivity.

Write down your emotions

It sounds simple, but it has been proven to be very effective in helping people relax. To let go of the things you don’t like, write them down and burn them.

You should rest when you need it

Stress can be caused by overworking. Learn to relax and take some time for yourself.

Find solutions to your personal problems

Many people find that their inability to be productive at work is due to instability in their lives. Your brain desires to heal your pains, so if your brain is constantly trying to force you to work, it may be a problem you are not addressing.

You can take a break from the book you are struggling to read. Then, address any issues that you are having. Next, go back to the book and check how your brain absorbs what you have read.

It is considered pain if you cannot speak to a loved one. This can cause your brain to work against you. If you are unable to call, you can send a message. You will feel better about yourself, and you’ll be able work more efficiently.

You will outsmart yourself no matter what task or cause you are trying to accomplish.

Discuss your ideas with people who will critique it

You might feel discouraged or bad about yourself if you were to receive harsh criticisms. But you can still use it to outsmart the brain and get better than you have ever been.

The human brain only sees what it believes it should see. This is why different people may hear the same speech but not understand it.

This is because your mind is focused on a specific way to see a topic or, in this instance, how a task should look.

This bias can be used to your advantage and make you smarter and more productive. This is possible by telling someone else about your plans for something that you are struggling with.

This completely different perspective will help you see newer ways that you wouldn’t have noticed on your own.

Don’t think too much

Overthinking occurs unconsciously when people are faced with difficulties or blockages. However, there are also people who choose to think through things over and over in an effort to solve a problem.

This only adds to your stress and burdens your brain. As if all that wasn’t enough, frustration can result from focusing too much on your thinking. This makes your brain work against you.

Take a break if you feel overwhelmed or frustrated. You don’t need to do something different. Taking a break can help your brain relax by allowing you to watch movies, chat with friends, or rest.

You can take that particular task out of your mind and use any method you choose to complete it. This will allow your brain to be more focused and quiet when you return to the job.

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