24 Movies Every Menswear Fan Should Watch

Since the beginning of time women have been receiving fashion tips from leading actresses in Hollywood and other cities, however, men are keeping us entertained with amazing films with their acting talents and slick style. The menswear-lovers will love TV and movie shows that feature stylish gentlemen wearing stunning clothes.

Aside from showing you amazing storylines, these films can also be a fantastic source of inspiration no matter their age. We’ve put together the top male-focused films that will provide you with inspiration. They include classic designs and those that are returning to the fashion scene. Your movie night can also be a fashion lesson.

1. The Great Gatsby

Wherever you are, The Great Gatsby’s 1920s summer fashion is sure to draw attention to any space. In the summer heat, Gatsby wore a full-suit look with beautiful details like tie pins or boater hats. Dress code formal wear shouldn’t need to be reserved only for weddings. You can look great in the summer heat with formal wear. This 1974 movie is also a great source of ideas.

2. The talented Mr. Ripley

This film is filled with stars and provides ideas for your everyday attire. The story is set in 1950s Italy and showcases a simple but elegant style that will catch the second time you look at it. There are short-steel separates and lightweight suits.

3. American Gigolo

American Gigolo is a 1980 movie well-known for launching Giorgio Armani’s career. it’s still relevant as a source of fashion inspiration to the present. Richard Gere has a lot to bring to the table in regards to Italian flair, as evident in his soft fabric and casual silhouettes. Retro suits, retro jeans and wrap coats are a few of the most well-loved pieces of clothing.

4. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: Secret Service is an action-packed spy film that has male characters who wear trendy attire such as brogues. In contrast to other movies, Kingsman: Secret Service adds a twist to the formula, with secret agents who favor the oxfords of their brogues. The film features plenty of English-tailored suits, focusing on the way they are utilized to construct weapons. Collaboration was also made together with Mr. Porter to allow you to wear their clothes.

5. Shaft

The word “leather” is what comes to mind when a man thinks about Shaft. Everybody knows that Shaft had a massive influence on fashion, particularly when it comes to leather jackets. The shaft is seen sporting sleek leather jackets and turtlenecks as fighting the criminals.

6. The Matrix

The all-black-everything style has always been a stylish look and you can get inspiration for this by watching The Matrix. The look is modern and sleek thanks to the long leather trench coats, slicked-back hair, combat boots, as well as tiny glasses. Tiny sunglasses are trending in recent times.

7. Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean is well-known for his casual style, especially in Rebel Without a Cause (1955). Dean can wear a simple T-shirt and jeans in the film and still look great. He is mostly known for his bright red windbreaker that creates an elegant look of a bad boy.

8. Top Gun

Top Gun had a significant effect on popular trends even if you’ve never watched the movie. The film introduced many fashions, such as bomber jackets and jumpsuits and Aviator sunglasses. You can combine certain of these trends with your current fashion.

9. Clueless

Cher and her gang of girls were awe-inspiring in the Clueless film in terms of fashion. But next time you watch it, pay attention to Bronson Alcott High School boys. The 90s skater’s appearance is distinctive and an excellent style to sport when you’re going for informal and unique.

10. Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a rugged, yet stylish fashion. It’s known for its futuristic, apocalyptic, and neutral-colored outfit. To make a rough, elegant wardrobe, in the style of the film, you can choose worn-in pieces with neutral and earthy colors.

11. Alfie

While we might not be in a position to recreate the perfectly disheveled hair that Jude Law had in this 2004 movie, there are other ways to imitate the modern playboy look. There is a myriad of clothing pieces, including knotted scarves as well as a pink button-down shirt.

12. Crazy, Stupid Love

Although no one ever receives a style overhaul by Ryan Gosling (or his abs), there are other ways to recreate the fashion choices in Crazy, Stupid Love. The wardrobe was full of basic and body-hugging clothes that were adorned with modern, fashionable designs.

13. Grease

Are you looking for something timeless? Grease has a complete wardrobe. You’ll be inspired by their slim-fit jeans and leather jackets. Grease also has wine T-shirts, which provide great style.

14. Spectre

You can never go wrong with James Bond, and Spectre provides some helpful wardrobe advice to help you through the film. Daniel Craig had a lot of wardrobe changes, with one of the most notable outfits being a double-breasted coat and a turtleneck sweater. The Tom Ford sunglasses will give you an evocative James Bond style in your outfit.

15. The Best Deal

Although the film isn’t very popular, it has a couple of stylistic tips for fashion lovers and even those interested in the most luxurious interior design. Geoffrey Rush serves us some classy looks with three-piece suits and soft colors, and gloves every time. You’ll know where to look next if you’ve been trying to figure out how to pair with suits and gloves.

16. W.E.

It’s Edward VII and Wallis Simpson’s love story, hence the title. In the real world as well as in the movie, Edward VII is well-known for his style, as one of the most famous men in the 30s. You’ll be fascinated by the bold patterns, soft hues with a detached collar and fascinating clothes.

17. Drive

Drive, a documentary about heists made in 2011 received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. The outfits are also amazing, with a lot of emphasis on rugged looks as well as driving gloves. Gosling wears denim and boots with a Henley shirt.

18. American Psycho

Even the most horrifying psychological terrors can come with distinctive designs and American Psycho is known for its distinct style. The famous business card scene especially displays powerful suits that any male enthusiast will appreciate. If you are able to handle the harsh themes that are featured in the movie, you can appreciate the mix of peak labels, bold shirts, pinstripes, and ties.

19. Crazy, Rich Asians

The 2018 movie is well-known for its stunning clothes, especially since the majority of the film’s content is about the Royal Wedding of Asia. The male characters mostly were dressed in well-tailored suits and tuxedos even though it may seem like Western attire, you’ll be able to see that the style has been copied to match the Asian male body.

20. One Man

It’s not too surprising that the first movie directed by Tom Ford was a costume success, and A Single Man is a fantastic place to search for styling ideas while enjoying the heartwarming storyline. There are many styles for male characters in the 1960s. From T-shirts and jeans to give bad-boy looks the collegiate look and gentleman suits men of all ages can find their style here.

21. The Royal Tenenbaums

There aren’t many films that have as many style ideas as The Royal Tenenbaums. The film is based on an unbalanced family and each character is recognizable by their style. Everyone is influenced by the camel suits and sweatbands worn by Luke Wilson, to the retro tracksuits that are featured on Best Stiller.

22. Bullitt

Steve McQueen rocked the turtleneck look in this thriller in the late 1960s, however, that’s not all you get with Bullitt. This movie provided a lot of design in the form of classic and masculine fashions. It was mainly focused on jackets and coats that had a turtleneck as the top layer. It’s no wonder that the Hollywood actor is referred to as The King of Cool.

23. Funny Face

Although most people focus on the style of Audrey Hepburn when discussing Funny Face, Fred Astaire also served some fantastic looks. His style shows that accessories can change an ordinary suit into something extraordinary, as he rocks neck scarves and boater hats. One time, he used a tie as an elastic belt to tie around his waist, something you could consider next time to make it timeless.

24. Reservoir Dogs

A group of guys wearing matching black suits is always cool, and that’s due to Reservoir Dogs. The 1992 film inspired many groomsmen and was a great option for men to present themselves as a professional. And, don’t forget your wayfarer glasses!

Next time you’re looking for an excellent movie to enjoy, go through these popular films. If you’re enjoying the plot, you just might find great inspiration for your next style.

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