5 Steps to Get Chiseled

Become the Best Version of Yourself

If you hit a wall and don’t know where your next steps are, reflect on what you can work on.

Getting Chiseled is whatever you want it to be, but our ultimate goal is to help you achieve the best version possible. Whatever that may mean, we’ll help you find your way.

Even if you’re on the other end of the fitness spectrum, there is always room for improvement. Chances are, you’re no stranger to the fitness lifestyle. You work out nearly every day, hit your macros to a T, and could formulate your workout routine for the next six months.

For many, that would be enough. With everything that life throws at you, you’re nailing the fitness lifestyle better than most. It all starts with reflection. What makes you different than the guy next to you? Then the other guys at the gym. If you want to become the best version of yourself, it means passing other people up. Here are some tips to set you apart and become not only the best version of yourself, become the Chiseled version you were set out to be.

It All Starts With Mindset

1. It all starts with mindset.

Others might not see everything as a competition, but it is. If not with others, then yourself. Setting goals and taking an assertive attitude towards them is one step closer to getting them done. That means letting go of limiting beliefs. That means doing instead of wishing and thinking. If it means getting an extra set in the gym done when you’re already tired or organizing your goals for the week, then do it. Oftentimes, your mind wants to quit before your body does and that applies to daily life, not just exercising.

2. Get one percent better every day.

Improving yourself each day sounds difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Taking little steps each day to be more efficient and get more done will be more fulfilling and encouraging.

Get One Percent Better Every Day.
Bounce Back From Failure

3. Bounce back from failure.

Setbacks are bound to happen no matter what. If you’re not feeling great that day or your workout didn’t feel as awesome as it normally does, that’s fine. Rest up and get back to it tomorrow.

4. Get Organized (And Stick To It).​

Scheduling, goal setting, and decluttering will make everything easier to tackle, easier to accomplish, and easier to look at. Scheduling your tasks, setting deadlines, and recording your work will put that healthy pressure in your mind. If you want to get to a certain weight by a certain time, you can take active steps and pace yourself for that deadline. If you want to get better and hit PRs at the gym, record your progress and aim for higher weights every time you go to bench press or do squats.

Get Organized
Be Better Than The Next Guy

5. Be better than the next guy.​

What are do other people have that you lack? Is it ambition, work ethic, or just a better body? Take inspiration from them to not only gain that but surpass them while you’re at it. Once you find what your life is missing, only then can you become the version of yourself that you want to be.


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