Best Backcountry Gear: Top 5 for Wilderness Survival

The Evolution of Backcountry Gear in Wilderness Survival

Boom! Just like the cast Of Expendables 2 in an action scene, the world of backcountry gear has exploded with innovation in recent years. Despite its humble beginnings in 1996 in a garage in Park City, Utah – nothing more than a couple of guys and a stack of avalanche beacons – BackCountry has grown into a legendary player in the field of outdoor gear.

Significant advancements have radically transformed the equipment available for wilderness survival. The journey has been as thrilling as a full-throttle ride in a Rezvani, shifting gears from essential, rudimentary tools – think ropes, compasses, and knapsacks – into sophisticated, high-tech gear, designed with precision and durability.

Folks, let me tell ya, this ain’t your granddaddy’s camping gear anymore! The last couple of decades have seen this transformation really pick up speed, graduating from the bulky, heavy, and often unreliable equipment of yesteryears to multi-purpose, lightweight, and resilient backcountry gear.

Oxbow Gear Renegade Two Way Backcountry Radio with Universal Shoulder Strap Mount, ile Backcountry Range, + Hours of Battery Life

Oxbow Gear Renegade Two Way Backcountry Radio With Universal Shoulder Strap Mount, Ile Backcountry Range, + Hours Of Battery Life


The Oxbow Gear Renegade Two Way Backcountry Radio is an essential tool for anyone venturing into the wild. Designed for reliability and durability, this radio boasts a mile backcountry range, ensuring you’re always in touch, no matter how far you roam. The device operates with long-lasting battery life of + hours, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing connection in the middle of nowhere. The Renegade radio’s robust construction guarantees it can withstand harsh weather conditions and tough outdoor environments.

Adding to its charm, the Renegade Radio includes a universal shoulder strap mount. This innovative feature ensures easy portability, providing hands-free operation which is perfect for hikers, climbers, or anyone who needs to keep moving without hindrance. With this radio, you can keep your hands free for navigation tools or tasks, yet keep your communication line within reach. It’s a practical, user-friendly design that makes your wilderness exploration safer and easier.

With Oxbow Gear Renegade’s two-way radio, you not only get efficient communication tools but also gear designed with user-needs in mind. The clear, crisp transmission can cut through the noise of the wind or water, ensuring you can be heard and be able to listen when it counts. Whether you’re an adventurer engaging in outdoor activities alone or in a group, this radio assures the ability to communicate effectively. The Oxbow Gear Renegade Two Way Backcountry Radio is an indispensable accessory for any backcountry explorers wanting to safely journey into the great outdoors.

Importance of Selecting the Right Backcountry Gear

BCA Backcountry Access TTurbo Avalanche Beacon Kit Rescue Package Includes The Tracker Transceiver, Centimeter Avalanche Probe, and Shovel with Saw.

Bca Backcountry Access Tturbo Avalanche Beacon Kit Rescue Package   Includes The Tracker Transceiver, Centimeter Avalanche Probe, And Shovel With Saw.


The BCA Backcountry Access TTurbo Avalanche Beacon Kit Rescue Package is a must-have addition for any outdoor enthusiast planning an adventure in the snow-bound backcountry. This comprehensive safety package includes the reliable Tracker Transceiver, Centimeter Avalanche Probe, and a robust Shovel coupled with a Saw – all designed to ensure quick, responsive action in emergencies. Each piece of this kit is optimized for ease of use and performance, allowing users to navigate through avalanche terrain confidently.

The Tracker Transceiver boasts an intuitive user interface and an instant range in real-time, rapidly narrowing the search area in the event of an avalanche. In addition, the Centimeter Avalanche Probe provides exact and rapid probing with its quick-lock hardware and high-visibility deployment. The Shovel’s innovative design includes an extendable handle and high-volume blade profile, while its integration with a Saw increases its practicality for clearing snow or cutting snow blocks or chopping wood.

In the unpredictable nature of the backcountry, the BCA Backcountry Access TTurbo Avalanche Beacon Kit Rescue Package acts as a trustworthy ally. Each piece of gear is rugged, dependable, and easy to handle, even in sketchy situations or harsh weather conditions. This kit doesn’t just offer tools; it offers confidence and assurance, providing an added layer of safety to make your winter backcountry adventures memorable for all the right reasons.

Picking the right tools for survival in the wilderness is just as crucial as choosing the right training regime in a gym. Quality gear can make a world of difference when you’re out in the wild, operating as an extension of your body and enhancing your capabilities. It’s akin to the effects of Cognizin on cognitive function – supplemental, beneficial, and life-enhancing.

Image 12085

What factors make high-quality gear indispensable for wilderness survival? Let’s break down a few key points:

Sun Company AvaGage Avalanche Danger Indicator Skiing and Snowboarding Slope Meter Trail Inclinometer

Sun Company Avagage   Avalanche Danger Indicator  Skiing And Snowboarding Slope Meter  Trail Inclinometer


The Sun Company AvaGage Avalanche Danger Indicator Skiing and Snowboarding Slope Meter Trail Inclinometer is a high-precision tool designed for outdoor adventurers, particularly those who embrace the thrill of high-risk winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. This robust device provides reliable data about the incline of ski slopes and snowboarding trails, assessing their potential danger level with unparalleled accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recreational winter sports enthusiast, the AvaGage serves as a critical equipment to ensure your safety on the mountain.

Constructed with a durable, weather-resistant material, the Sun Company AvaGage can withstand the challenging conditions often experienced on the mountainside. It delivers real-time slope angle measurements, enabling users to analyze the avalanche danger on unfamiliar terrains. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it a perfect companion for those jaunts through wild winter landscapes.

Safety is the AvaGage’s utmost priority. It is designed to alert users of hazardous slopes that are prone to avalanches. Its progressive alert system allows for preventative action to be taken, potentially averting disastrous situations. Uber-practical and quintessential in its purpose, the Sun Company AvaGage is an absolute must-have for every winter sports enthusiast; it’s not just a tool, it’s a lifesaver.

1. Material durability: Imagine if the cast of Kindergarten Cop 2 were to perform a physical fitness routine without the right attire. Their clothing would need to handle the intense workout, the stretches, and the sweat, right? It’s the same with backcountry gear. It needs to withstand the demanding wilderness conditions.

2. Weight and portability: Lugging around heavy equipment in the wild is just as taxing as carrying excess body weight in your fitness journey. The evolution towards lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry gear has been monumental for wilderness survival.

3. Ease of use and multi-functionality: Top-tier backcountry gear often encompasses multiple uses. In many situations, one tool can serve various purposes, making it a crucial accompaniment to your wilderness adventures, much like Arnold’s multipurpose presence in the Proworld.

Image 12086

Backcountry Gear
Established 1996, Park City, Utah
Ownership Acquired by TSG Consumer Partners in 2015
Expansion Plans New categories and international markets
Core Vision To provide the best outdoor gear with unmatched service
Product Categories Clothing, Footwear, Avalanche Beacons, and other Outdoor Equipment
Considerations for Clothing Must provide protection against the sun’s UV rays
Footwear Recommendations Hiking shoes or trail runners for gentle hikes on smooth trails; boots for rocky, rugged trails
Customer Service Contact 1-800-953-5499 ext. 4, Chat button on website, or email at [email protected]
Returns Policy To initiate a return, provide your name, order number, the item(s) you wish to return and a brief reason for the return via email

Top 5 Backcountry Gear for Wilderness Survival

  1. Layered Clothing Systems:

    Do your survival clothes pass the ‘Arnold test’? Could your attire handle the rigors of an endurance run or an explosive workout? Layered clothing is vital for wilderness survival. It helps regulate body temperature, provides protection from the elements, and is tailored for specific weather conditions. The importance of using appropriate materials that are durable, breathable, and offer UV protection can’t be overstated.

  2. Lightweight Shelter Equipment:

    Your backcountry tent or bivvy bag is literally your home away from home. Look for something that is light, compact, yet sturdy and resistant to the elements. Modern designs and materials ensure your tent can stand against high winds and heavy rains while being a featherweight in your backpack.

  3. Multi-purpose Tools:

    The Swiss Army Knife of wilderness survival, multipurpose tools pack a punch! These compact devices include a multitude of different tools, catering to virtually every survival scenario imaginable. The ingenuity of modern designs make these a valuable addition, like having your very own support crew right in your pocket.

  4. Efficient Stove and Cooking Gear:

    Did you ever try to bulk up without proper nutrition? A high-efficiency stove and cooking gear are just as indispensable when surviving in the wild. They enable you to prepare food and sanitize water, providing the energy you need to keep pushing forward.

  5. Advanced Navigation Tools:

    Getting lost is not an option, and relying solely on traditional methods like maps and compasses is not enough anymore. With GPS systems and other high-tech navigational aids, you can explore with greater confidence, making every step count.

    The Future of Backcountry Gear in Wilderness Survival

    The future of backcountry gear promises even more innovation and efficiency, propelling us further into the wilderness with confidence. Expect advancements that integrate technology with durability, creating ultra-lightweight equipment that doesn’t sacrifice on toughness.

    Backcountry Access Tracker+ Avalanche Transceiver

    Backcountry Access Tracker+ Avalanche Transceiver


    The Backcountry Access Tracker+ Avalanche Transceiver is an essential piece of equipment designed for safety in the great outdoors. Not just for professional explorers, this tool is also fit for recreational adventurers who take their safety seriously. With its advanced features, it promises reliable tracking and locating of individuals during an avalanche. It uses signal strength and directional arrows (real-time display) to guide you to the precise location of the buried individual.

    The device boasts of a robust construction so that it stands up to extreme conditions and drops. Equipped with a comfortable harness, it is designed to be easily worn, adding little weight to your gear. Its ease of operation, even while wearing gloves, makes the Backcountry Access Tracker+ Avalanche Transceiver a convenient tool to have during your mountain adventures.

    Safety, simplicity, and ease of use are the cornerstone of the Backcountry Access Tracker+ Avalanche Transceiver. It has a specially designed multiple burial indicator system, identifying more than one signal efficiently to rescue multiple victims of an avalanche. With its enhanced frequency monitoring and swift processor, it makes location, securement, and preventing accidents and mishaps significantly quicker, bringing you peace of mind in potentially treacherous conditions.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Survival

    Surviving the wilderness isn’t just about owning top-grade backcountry gear. It’s about leveraging these tools effectively. Stay aware of your surroundings, use your gear efficiently, and always have a game plan. If you approach a wilderness expedition like an intense training session, you’ll know that preparation, focus, and having the right equipment are key to success.

    Image 12087

    The Masterstroke: Picking the Perfect Gear

    Just like you wouldn’t start an intense workout without proper gear, experienced adventurers mustn’t embark on a wilderness trek without the right backcountry gear. Specially designed clothing systems, lightweight shelter, multi-purpose tools, efficient stoves, and advanced navigation tools: they’re not only tools in your survival kit but also become your lifeline when you step into the wild.

    More than Just Surviving: Transform Your Wilderness Expeditions

    Equipping oneself correctly can redefine an emergency into a memorable wilderness experience. The survivalist spirit blends harmoniously with the right backcountry gear, creating an adrenaline-fueled adventure that teems with raw, untamed beauty. When you transform your wilderness survival journey into an exhilarating expedition, you’re doing more than surviving – you’re living.

    Let’s take the wilderness head-on, prepared and geared up. Get shredded, stay focused, and remember to flex your survival muscles. Because when you’re out there, every day is leg day!

    Who bought backcountry?

    Well, y’all should know that it was a private equity firm named TSG Consumer Partners who bought Backcountry back in 2015. With some savvy strategizing, they’ve managed to transform this business into a top-notch online retailer of outdoor gear.

    Is backcountry a US company?

    Sure as sunshine, Backcountry is a US company! It kicked off in Park City, Utah, in 1996 and has been proudly waving the stars and stripes ever since.

    What do I need for overnight backpacking?

    For an overnight backpacking trip, you’d be wise as an owl to pack essentials like a hammock or tent, sleeping bag, cooking stove, food and water, clothes suitable for the weather, and, of course, a map and compass so you don’t end up lost as a ball in high weeds.

    How do I choose backpacking gear?

    Choosing backpacking gear is like picking the ripest apple from the tree. Look for items with a good blend of durability, weight, and practicality. Check online reviews or consult with outdoor experts to make sure your gear is up to scratch.

    Does Amazon own Backcountry?

    Hold your horses! No, Amazon does not own Backcountry. They’re separate entities, each paddling their own entrepreneurial canoe.

    Are MotoSport and Backcountry the same company?

    Don’t get your wires crossed, MotoSport, and Backcountry aren’t the same company. While they’ve got a common parent company, they run different operations focusing on motor vehicles and outdoor gear, respectively.

    Where is backcountry clothing made?

    Backcountry clothing, oh boy, it’s like a mixed pot of beans. Some of their product lines are made in the good old US of A, while others are sourced from overseas manufacturers.

    Where is backcountry headquarters located?

    For those wondering, the Backcountry headquarters is situated in the beautiful Park City, Utah. It’s nestled among the peaks, it sure seems like a fitting locale for an outdoor gear company!

    Is steep and cheap owned by backcountry?

    Yeah, you hit the nail right on the head! Steep and Cheap is indeed owned by Backcountry. It’s their deal-of-the-day website selling outdoor gear on the cheap.

    Can you bury toilet paper while backpacking?

    While backpacking, you can technically bury toilet paper, but let me tell ya, it’s better to carry biodegradable ones or pack it out to leave no trace.

    How much should a 2 night backpacking trip weigh?

    A successful 2-night backpacking trip should have a load that weighs less than 20% of your body weight. Just remember, packing light is right!

    How much money do you need for backpacking?

    How much you need for backpacking is as clear as mud – it really varies! But let’s say for a month, you might need around $1,000-$2,000, file that under “rough estimate”, though.

    What are the big 3 items backpacking?

    Well, in the backpacking world, the big three items are your tent, sleeping bag, and backpack. No ifs, ands, or buts, these are the heart and soul of any backpacking ensemble.

    What is the rule of thumb for backpacking?

    Just bear in mind the rule of thumb for backpacking: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” Basically, respect nature!

    Is 70L backpack too big?

    Admittedly, a 70L backpack might feel like packing your whole house. Unless you’re prepping for a long, self-sustained trip, it’s probably too big.

    When did TSG buy Backcountry?

    In case you’re wondering, TSG Consumer Partners bought Backcountry back in 2015.

    Who is the CEO of Backcountry?

    As of now, the head honcho – or CEO – of Backcountry is Melanie Cox. She’s a whip-smart leader taking this company to new heights.

    Is steep and cheap owned by Backcountry?

    Again, yes siree, Steep and Cheap is owned by Backcountry. It functions as their discount outlet.

    Is Backcountry a private company?

    And lastly, yep, Backcountry is a private company. It’s been that way ever since its inception.

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