What kind of cigarettes do the actors puff?

Chiseled and its audience know one thing: Celebrities know how to live. Celebrities don’t cut corners when it comes down to enjoying the simplest pleasures of life. Cigars are no exception. Cigars are classier than marijuana and cigarettes in that they are complexer, nuanced and more sophisticated. They also look cooler. Cigars are synonymous for luxury and success, making them the ideal way to end a long day or celebrate an accomplishment. We look at some of the most famous cigar-smoking celebrities to see which stogies are their favorites.

Jay-Z Cigarettes

Shawn Carter, better known as Jay-Z, has been one the most influential hip-hop artists of all time. Although most people consider the Brooklyn rapper to be the greatest, he has been criticized for not releasing any music in recent years. He released his last album, “4:44”, in 2017, and “Everything is Love,” in 2018, with Beyonce as his co-producer. He has instead taken a more hands-on approach in his quest to be one of rap’s most prominent business moguls. He was part of the Brooklyn Nets’ ownership at one time, founded Roc Nation Music in 2008 and created Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency division.

It makes sense that there are reasons to relax and celebrate with all the business ventures. Jay-Z spoke out about his passion for large Cuban cigars like Montecristos and Ramon Allones. Jay-Z also enjoys the occasional English Dunhill (RIP). Cohiba Cigars has also collaborated with him to create the collaboration cigar Comador.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Cigarettes

The Governator is the poster “man” for many things, including bodybuilding, action film stardom, overall machismo and enjoying cigars in style. Schwarzenegger is a well-known cigar icon. He was the cover star of Cigar Afioncado’s 1992 issue. He explained his preferences and noted that Montecristo No. 2 was his favorite cigar. His first real cigar was the 2

He says that he used to smoke little Virginians while he was in Munich working as a bodybuilder. But he doesn’t recall smoking a real cigar until 1977, when a woman named Maria [Shriver] introduced me to the world.

He still smokes one every single day. Schwarzenegger stated that his tastes have changed slightly in his 2019 interview. Schwarzenegger prefers smaller cigarettes, and his current favorite is the Partagas Serie D. 4. Schwarzenegger also expanded his sphere to include Fuente Fuente OpusX of the Dominican Republic.”

Matthew McConaughey Cigarettes

McConaughey is a leading man in Hollywood. McConaughey has carved a niche for himself as a romcom star and is now a leading actor in Hollywood. His performances in “True Detective”, “Interstellar” and “The Dallas Buyers Club” have helped to dismantle that stereotype. He was also the Best Actor Oscar winner. He’s made a career out of rom-coms and has released “Greenlights,” a memoir, in 2020.

McConaughey is a stronger brand than he was before he found his way into more dramatic films. Since 2016, McConaughey has been Wild Turkey Bourbon’s creative director. He also has two Cigar Aficionado covers. McConaughey stated that he smoked large, maduro-wrapped cigars while filming Harmony Korine’s “The Beach Bum” in 2018.

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