Tommy Copper: 10 Best Items to Boost Your Fitness and Health

Tommy Copper (Spelled Tommie Copper) isn’t just a name. It’s a symbol of excellence in the pursuit of the perfect workout and recovery gear. With a range of copper-infused products, you’ll find apparel and equipment to help you look ripped and feel fantastic at the same time. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 must-have items for fitness enthusiasts, discover what makes copper-infused products so effective, and learn more about the man behind the brand.

Tommie Copper

The Amazing Benefits of Tommie Copper Infused Clothing

You might be wondering, “Do copper infused products really work?” and “Why is copper infused clothing good for you?” Well, the simple answer is yes. All Tommie Copper products are infused with copper and zinc, ions that are known for their anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. So not only do these products look good on you, but they also help in reducing odor and promoting a germ-free environment.

Top Pick
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Tommie Copper Infrared & Red Light Therapy Shoulder Wrap, Unisex, Men & Women | Rechargeable & Adjustable, Increased Circulation, Relief & Recovery for Sore Joints, Muscle Aches & Stiffness


USE CASE: Our most advanced solution for muscle recovery and pain therapy, reach for Infrared & Red Light Therapy before and after your busiest days. This Shoulder Wrap is designed for maximum comfort and convenience during use on either shoulder.
INFRARED & RED LIGHT THERAPY: Delivered by high-powered LED microchips, our Infrared & Red Light Therapy combines 880nm Infrared Light with 660nm Red Light. These wavelengths reach deep into muscles and joints, working at the cellular level to provide relief and recovery.
20 MINUTE SESSIONS: One 20-minute session daily is all it takes to energize your cells and achieve great results. You can do more (up to 3 sessions per day per treatment area) but you won’t experience a substantial increase in benefits beyond the first 20 minutes. So when the device automatically shuts off, you’re done!
USB-RECHARGEABLE: These devices are equipped with USB-rechargeable Li-polymer batteries, which are specifically designed to partially discharge and recharge without developing a “memory.” That means there’s no downside to recharging regularly. The battery is designed to provide three 20-minute sessions per full charge.
60 HIGH-POWERED LEDs: This device is equipped with 60 high-powered LEDs, but only 30 of them will appear visible as red lights. That’s because the remaining 30 LED microchips are emitting light in the near-infrared spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye.

Research also shows that copper may help in reducing inflammation, promoting muscle recovery, and enhancing blood circulation. These benefits are perfect for those who want to speed up recovery post-workout.

So, let’s dive into the world of Tommie Copper, and discover the top 10 products that will help you to conquer the world of fitness and health!

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Tommie Copper Pro-Grade Compression Knee Sleeve, Unisex, Men & Women, Adjustable Ultimate Support Sleeve, Integrated Straps for Knee Stability & Muscle Support – Black, Medium


1. Copper-Infused Knee Sleeves

The question is – “Do copper knee sleeves really work?” These Tommy Copper knee sleeves might just be your answer. Made with copper-infused fabric, they offer support and compression while exercising. Furthermore, the design helps to reduce muscle soreness, allowing you to work out longer and harder.

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Tommie Copper – Women’s Performance Compression Ankle Socks – White – 7-9.5


2. Copper-Infused Compression Socks

Perfect for long workout sessions, running, or even just daily activities, these copper-infused socks help promote blood circulation in your feet. Besides keeping your feet fresh and odor-free, they also provide much-needed support, especially if you tend to be on your feet all day.

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Tommie Copper Elbow Compression Sleeve For Tennis, Golfer’s Elbow, Adjustable, Breathable Copper Elbow Brace, Slate Grey, Large


3. Copper-Infused Elbow Sleeves

Avoid tennis elbow or any other elbow strain with these Tommy Copper elbow sleeves. Designed to provide compression and support, they’re an excellent choice for athletes, weightlifters, or even office workers suffering from repetitive stress injuries.

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Tommie Copper Core Compression Ankle Sleeve, Unisex, Men & Women, Breathable Support Sleeve for Everyday Joint & Muscle Support – Black, Medium


4. Copper-Infused Ankle Sleeves

Give your ankles the support they deserve, whether you’re running or lifting weights. These Tommy Copper ankle sleeves provide stability and prevent injuries, all while being comfortable and easy to wear.

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Tommie Copper Pain Relief Liquid Roller | Cooling Quick-Dry Menthol Soothing Relief for Sore Joints, Muscle Aches & Arthritis Pain

$37.70 ($12.57 / Ounce)

5. The Tommy Copper Muscle Roller

A sore muscle’s worst enemy, the Tommy Copper muscle roller breaks up lactic acid build-up and soothes tired muscles after an intense workout session. Roll it over your calves, thighs, or any other muscle group to help alleviate tension and soreness.

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Tommie Copper Men’s Pro-Grade Shoulder Support Shirt I UPF 50, Breathable, Short Sleeve Compression Shirt for Upper Body & Posture Support – Black – Large


6. Copper-Infused Shirts and Leggings

Improve your workout performance with Tommy Copper’s shirts and leggings designed for both men and women. These copper-infused garments help in reducing muscle fatigue and soreness, while the anti-odor property keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

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Tommie Copper Women’s Shoulder Support Bra I Breathable, Sweat Wicking Sports Bra for Healthy Posture & Support – Nude – Large


7. The Tommy Copper after Roman Chair Exercise

Looking to rock those abs? The Roman Chair exercise will leave you sore. It is a must-try workout that targets your abs while promoting excellent posture and balance. Pair it with your Tommy Copper gear, and get ready to make the gym your playground.

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Tommie Copper Women’s Lower Back Support Tank – White, XX-Large


8. The Dragon Flag Exercise

Another great workout to build those rock-solid muscles is the Dragon Flag exercise. A challenging workout, it requires coordination, balance, and strength, and is bound to set your core on fire!

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Tommie Copper Core Compression Half Finger Gloves, Unisex, Men & Women, 4D Stretch, Sweat Wicking Breathable Gloves for Hand Stiffness, Swelling & Joint Support – Black – X-Large


9. Tommy Copper Infused Accessories

No gym bag is complete without Tommy Copper accessories like copper-infused wristbands, headbands, and gloves. Keep your grip on those weights with copper-infused gloves, or keep sweat at bay with stylish headbands and wristbands.

Tommie Copper – Men’s Comfort Back Brace – Black – Small/M


10. The Complete Tommy Copper Workout Apparel Range

Take your fitness style game to the next level with the complete range of Tommy Copper workout apparel, including hoodies, shorts, and tank tops. Stay cool and stylish during your most intense workouts, thanks to their copper-infused materials and breathable designs.

Best Tommiy Copper

A Look into Tommy Copper’s History

“Who is Tommy Copper?” might be a question lingering in your mind. Tommy Copper was actually founded by a successful entrepreneur, Tom Kallish. After a water skiing accident in 2010, Kallish set out on a mission to create comfortable and effective compression wear that could support the recovery process. The result? An incredible range of innovative and stylish workout apparel and accessories that continues to revolutionize the fitness industry.

A Peek at Some Tommy Copper Stats and Trivia

With numerous positive reviews for lower back pain, several celebrity endorsements, and legions of devoted fans, Tommy Copper is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, Tommy Copper has sold over 10 million units of their copper-infused compression sleeves since its inception!

While Tommy Copper may not be directly related to Copper Fit, many believe that they share the same goals and values when it comes to fitness and health.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Need some extra help healing after a Hard 75? – the top 10 must-have items from Tommy Copper to help elevate your fitness game. With impressive benefits like odor reduction, muscle recovery, and blood circulation, it’s no wonder that these copper-infused products have become a staple for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Embrace the Tommy Copper lifestyle, and embark on your journey to a stronger, healthier you.

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