Wonderfeel(R), Launches Youngr(Tm), Dedicated to Targeting the Root Causes of Aging

Wonderfeel(r), a frontrunner in wellness biosciences, announces a U.S. patent application, and the largest human clinical trial for their launch of Youngr(TM), a revolutionary synthesis combining NMN, the most direct NAD precursor (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), with emergent antioxidants creating a predominant supplement to maximize healthspan. This first-of-its-kind patented solution increases the production of NAD. NAD is responsible for biological aging at the cellular level. You can reverse this decline by improving cognition, energy, skin elasticity and overall organ health (full details are ). Youngr(tm) is now available.

“We are at a historical point in biosciences that can improve people’s well-being and reach unprecedented levels.” It is essential to use a dual approach to achieve these levels,” states Baran dilaver, co-founder of Wonderfeel(r),. The first is to use recent discoveries to improve our physiological health, starting at the molecular level. The second is to enhance our happiness and mental well-being. Youngr(tm), a groundbreaking product, addresses this anatomical approach and provides great benefits for brain health.

Wonderfeel(R), Launches Youngr(Tm), Dedicated to Targeting the Root Causes of Aging

The future of preventive health care is being redefined by longevity science. NAD is a key component of optimizing healthspan, which refers to the time in life that you are healthy and not suffering from chronic diseases. Scientists who have focused their efforts on this topic have found it to be a crucial part of their research. Its decline is recognized as a hallmark of aging. Wonderfeel, which launched Youngr(tm) in May 2010, has made this science more accessible to adults over 35.

Youngr(tm), NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), and capsules provide novel antioxidants that can be used to combat oxidative stress, prevent chronic diseases, and slow the aging process. A daily intake of NMN provides 900 mg.

  • 4mg of Ergothioneine — Known as the “longevity Vitamin”, it is the most effective elements found in mushrooms. Scientific evidence continues to show that ERGO is a powerful cognitive supplement and helps prevent the brain from getting old.
  • 20mg of Hydroxytyrosol- A powerful polyphenol with anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, and metabolic properties. This compound comes from the leaves and fruits of the olive tree and is 10X stronger than green tea, 2X more than coenzyme Q10, and one of the most potent antioxidants.
  • 100mg of Resveratrol – Working together with NMN, it acts as a sirtuin activator and is designed to increase mitochondrial activity and combat metabolic disease. Research has shown that lower doses of resveratrol can act as an anti-apoptotic agent and increase cell survival proteins.

Andrew Salzman is a Harvard MD and Wonderfeel’s chief science scientist. He has been a physician, inventor and biomedical entrepreneur for decades. Dr. Salzman holds 50 patents and is known for his breakthrough in cell DNA repair. This discovery led to the first clinical application in the world to treat breast cancer due to mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2. He is also an expert on NAD science, genomic pathways, and NAD science.

Wonderfeel(R), Launches Youngr(Tm), Dedicated to Targeting the Root Causes of Aging

“NMN is all by itself incredibly beneficial. However, the cell’s ability to use NAD and NMN is affected by low oxidative stress,” explains Andrew Salzman. “Oxidant Stress is present in all cells, especially as we age. The antioxidants in Youngr(tm), which can protect our cells from a lot of this stress, make the NMN that we deliver more effective.

Wonderfeel (r), partnered with Abinopharm Inc to analyze, interpret, and release preliminary results from the largest double-blind study on the effects of NMN. Dr. Salzman says that the results are encouraging, with both men and women between 40 and 65 who received NMN supplements showing significant improvements in their health scores and biomarkers.

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