Will CrossFit Get Me Ripped?

CrossFit is a popular fitness program if you are like me. Perhaps your Facebook friends post photos of themselves after a CrossFit workout and then talk about how sore they feel afterward. You notice that these people look ripped so you wonder if CrossFit could help you get the same results. This post will address the most popular question about CrossFit: Will CrossFit make me look ripped?

Yes, that’s the short answer. It is just one ingredient that can produce the desired results. Crossfit is a great way to get ripped. Here are the top three reasons.


Building consistency is the key ingredient to success in any endeavor, including fitness. Crossfit communities are proud to build strong, accountable cultures. Crossfit gyms are more responsive than large, global gyms and will follow up with you after a few days if your workout has been canceled. It’s not unusual to receive a text message or call from your trainers to ensure that you have a positive experience. Crossfit gyms can have hundreds of members, but they have 75 to 200 members. These smaller boutique gyms will not survive if their customers don’t get results. This business model is all about making sure that customers come back regularly.

You won’t get ripped if you only do it once a week or once a month. You will see major results if you do CrossFit 3-5 times a week.


Growth requires to challenge. Crossfit is not for everyone. Crossfit trainers will help you find the right stimulus to maximize your results, based on your current fitness level.

Crossfit classes can accommodate between 4-15 people. This allows for a lot more individualization. It is difficult to manage 100s of people simultaneously. Crossfit gyms have the unique advantage of being able to individualize. This will challenge each athlete and make it less likely that they get hurt. This will enable them to return the next day, creating more consistency.

When it comes to success, stress is a form of payment. It is possible to get injured if you give it too much. Crossfit coaches work hard to provide the best possible stimuli to maximize results.


This is probably the ingredient you hear most from your closest friends. It is the incredible community that is helping them get ripped. “You just have to look at the community that is the secret,” they will tell you.

Crossfit gyms were home to more than 80-90% of athletes at the beginning. They are nowhere near the level they are now. These gyms have between 75 and 200 members. Most of them have been there for at least a year, if not more. Consistently working out for this length of time will bring about dramatic changes. It is easy to see that CrossFit requires you to be in good shape before you can participate.

The best thing about the community is that everyone has been in your shoes before and can relate to you. Because they have been there, they are able to offer support and encouragement. You will find yourself surrounded by highly motivated people, and that’s contagious.

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