Gold’s Gym Names Simeon Panda Globa Brand Ambassador

Gold’s gym, the most famous name in fitness, has chosen Simeon Pande to be the new face of its brand. This partnership bridges the legendary, Venice-born gym to the future of the brand.

Gold'S Gym Names Simeon Panda Globa Brand Ambassador

Panda joins the ranks of past bodybuilding icons such as Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, and Arnold Schwarzenegger who have more than 17,000,000 social media followers. Panda has been a regular at The Mecca for many years. This is the name of Venice Gold’s Gym, which is known worldwide as the heart of bodybuilding.

Sebastian Schoepe, CEO of Gold’s Gym and President of RSG Group North America, said that Simon’s authenticity, dedication to fitness, and high standards make him a natural fit. We want to create a global community of fitness enthusiasts and show the growth and progress of the brand through this partnership.

The Mecca Method, a four-week exercise program developed by Panda and Gold’s Gym, will be launched in May. Panda will provide ongoing motivational content and instruction to help the next generation of fitness enthusiasts at Gold’s Gym complete the challenge.

Gold'S Gym Names Simeon Panda Globa Brand Ambassador

“Gold’s Gym Venice is everything I love about bodybuilding. You won’t find passion or camaraderie anywhere else. They are evident in every person who visits the gym, as well as the history. Panda said that it was an honor to have my passion recognized and that he is excited to carry the torch for the next generation. “My lifelong goal was to spread positivity and motivation within the fitness community. This partnership with Gold’s Gym allows me to continue this mission and inspire others.”

Gold’s Gym has a long history of welcoming both newbies to fitness and renowned body sculptors. Gold’s Gym has world-class facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. It also offers expert personal training. The famous Gold’s Gym Challenge is an eight-week-long, full-body fitness challenge that has inspired many members to transform their lives and bodies.

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