Hitting Your Macros

“If It Fits Your Macros,” the universal dieting term is widely used but what does it mean? Bestselling fitness author and CEO of Legion, Michael Matthews explains the nutrition phenomenon. 

Macronutrient-based dieting sounds complicated, we know. Though once you understand the fundamental concepts, it is an essential part of getting your body to its ideal shape. After calculating your numbers of how many calories you consume in each category, sticking to what is commonly known as your macros get much easier. Michael Matthews, who founded Legion Athletics, explains the famous customizable diet (and he even has a quiz that helps you determine what your numbers are). 

To begin, we will explain the basic premise of the diet. It is a no-brainer that losing weight is a matter of a calorie deficit or eating fewer calories than you burn each day. The macronutrient-based diet, or hitting your macros, improves on that concept a little bit and gives it a little bit more structure.

The numbers in question refer to the amount of protein, carbs, and fat you consume daily. Hitting your targets mean that you consumed the recommended amount of grams in each category, regardless of the quality of food that you consumed. While it gives you some leeway when it comes to your diet, like making room for unhealthy treats if sacrificed in other meals, it can’t be cheated without you feeling the ramifications. 

Thankfully, Legion has the tools on their website to give you the information to calculate your numbers. The first step is to calculate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) and you can do so with their TDEE calculator. By inputting your body metrics and activity level, they give you an estimate of how many calories you’re burning daily.

After that, you can set a daily calorie target and then break it down further to macronutrient targets. As previously stated, the wonderful Legion website makes it easy to get your numbers and gives you tips to follow that plan.

With your numbers calculated, you can hit your macros by sticking to a meal plan that allows for you to have some wiggle room. With a diet that isn’t based on restrictive punishment, your weight loss journey can be easier and more enjoyable. 

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