Why Do Chiseled Readers Love to Vacation in Bali?

With all the work you’ve been putting in day in and day out, you need a vacation. Vacations are necessary to get rest, take your mind off work, and see what the world has to offer. If you can’t rip yourself away from your fitness lifestyle, we understand. Wanderlust Fitness Retreat might just be the getaway you require. Their Bali package is enough to get you some much-needed R&R, but will still keep you in line with your workouts and macros. 

Noted fitness influencers Dave Driskell and Kali Burns will make sure you’re not too relaxed with their daily private fitness coaching session. They will train you at Bali’s CrossFit Wanderlust Facility. At a whopping 2,000 square feet, it is the largest and most equipped training center on the island. Their open gym contains rowers, spin bikes, weight lifting equipment, and a gymnastics rack. 

Even though you’re sweating and eating healthy, you’re still enjoying the amenities of a vacation. When touching down on the island, you will be picked up and dropped at the 5-star resort suite. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a welcome dinner and drinks to kick off a luxurious week in style.  Healthy breakfasts are served every day at the buffet and you’ll be treated to traditional Balinese cuisine. When the trip nears its end, a well-deserved farewell dinner and drinks will be served to guests.

Full spa services will also be available, complete with ice baths, a steam room, sauna, massage room, Epsom salt baths, and body scrubs. Your body and mind will be able to relax after an intense workout. Cooling off is also easy as the resort rests on top of the beach. A swim and tan are never out of the question. 

In addition to the workouts, you will have a chance to explore and enjoy the beauty of the island. You will be hiking through gorgeous Bali waterfalls and Mt. Batur, an active volcano. Guests will also have a chance to journey through Balinese temples and appreciate the natural landscape of rural Bali. The retreat also comes with surf lessons from expert surf instructors and sunset yoga sessions. 

The Wanderlust Fitness Retreat offers the full package for any fitness-obsessed overachiever. You’ll get to benefit from the tropical Southeast Asia paradise of Indonesia and take a break from everyday life. At the same time, the daily fitness program will keep you fit and free of vacation guilt. After a week-long stay, guests will get the ultimate vacation that won’t put your gains on pause. With Wanderlust Fitness, vacations and fitness will grant you the best of both worlds.  

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