Long head tricep exercises: Top 7 Shocking Techniques for 2024

Pump those triceps into form with these groundbreaking exercises that target the often-neglected long head tricep. Not only are they excellent body sculptors, they’re also essential for reduced shoulder pain, superior throwing power, and improved range of motion.

Mastering the Art: Long Head Tricep Exercises

Understanding the Long Head Tricep

You might be wondering, what makes the long head tricep so unique? Can a Tricep worked with dumbbells help? It’s actually the largest section of the tricep muscle and is primarily responsible for the horseshoe shape we all desire. With the right exercises, it can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your arms.

The Importance of a Powerful Long Head Tricep

A strong long head tricep isn’t just about good looks, like a young Brooke Sheilds. It’s also crucial for preventing injuries by maintaining a balanced muscle structure. What’s more, it greatly enhances performance in activities that require pushing, pulling, or overhead throwing.

Harmful Impact of a Weak Long Head Tricep

A weak long head tricep could trigger problematic positioning of the scapula causing shoulder pain, lower velocity during throws, or restricted range of motion. This prompts surrounding muscles and joints to compensate, which can lead to systemic issues in the shoulder region.

Raising the Bar with Unconventional Techniques For Long Head Tricep Exercises

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Secret Technique 1: Modified Skull Crushers for Long Head Tricep Exercises

Traditional skull crushers already excellently target the long head tricep, but with a minor modification, it works this muscle head even more intensely.

How to Perform Modified Skull Crushers

Firstly, you should lie down flat on the bench. Keep your hands in position on the barbell such that your palms are facing each other. Lower the barbell behind your head, then propel it back up using your triceps.

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Why Modified Skull Crushers Are Effective

Skull crushers effectively work all three tricep heads, but they primarily stimulate the medial head. However, this special modification places extra emphasis on the long head tricep.

Secret Technique 2: Advanced Cable Overhead Tricep Extension

Another noteworthy routine is the Advanced Cable Overhead Tricep Extension. Unlike the conventional dumbbell overhead tricep extension, this maneuver employs the cable machine, thus generating a constant tension throughout the full range of motion.

The Proper Execution of Cable Overhead Tricep Extension

To perform this exercise, select your preferred grip handle and attach it to the cable machine. Position yourself so that you are facing away from the machine, grasp the handle over your head, and slowly extend your arms upwards.

The Role of the Long Head Tricep in Cable Overhead Tricep Extension

When doing the Advanced Cable Overhead Tricep Extension, the long head tricep is extensively activated, which ultimately leads to increased muscle growth in this region.

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Secret Technique 3: Dive Bomb Tricep Extensions

This technique involves a gravity-defying swoop, not unlike a dive bomber, hence the name.

Breaking Down the Dive Bomb Tricep Extensions

Begin in a downward dog yoga pose then swoop down into an upward dog pose. Ensure that your arms lock out at the top of the

What tricep exercises work the long head?

Well, for those wanting to work the long head of their triceps, buckle up! It’s all about incorporating exercises like the overhead tricep extension or the close-grip bench press into your workout plan. These moves target the long head specifically, giving you that bulged and toned look you’re after.

What tricep exercise hits all 3 heads?

And guess what? You can get all 3 tricep heads (long, lateral, and medial) bustling in a jiffy with the diamond push-up exercise – a brilliant move that keeps your whole tricep region engaged throughout.

What is an underdeveloped long head tricep?

An underdeveloped long head tricep? Well, you can spot it right away if the back of your arm lacks that robust and pumped look. It’s kinda like when you’re trying to light a wet matchstick, you’re just not gonna see that spark.

Which head do skull crushers work?

It may sound spooky, but skull crushers (truly) focus largely on the long head of the triceps. Just keep your form perfect, and you’ll feel the burn in no time.

How do you isolate a long head of triceps?

To isolate that long head of triceps, be sure to incorporate plenty of overhead moves to your regime. It can feel like you’re trying to thread a pasta without sauce, but consistency is key here.

How can I hit my tricep long head at home?

Now, if you’re keen on hitting your tricep long head right from the comfort of your living room, you’re in luck! Overhead dumbbell extensions or even close-grip push-ups will do the trick. And no, you don’t need to turn your home into a mini-gym.

Is 3 exercises enough for triceps?

Three exercises for triceps? Uh-huh, you bet! That’s often enough if you’re choosing comprehensive exercises which work multiple heads at once. That way, you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Which tricep head does bench hit?

Interestingly, the classic bench press mainly targets the lateral and medial heads of your triceps rather than the long head. I know, go figure!

How do you activate each head of your triceps?

To activate each head of your triceps, diversify your tricep workout regimen. For instance, pushdowns for the lateral head, overhead extensions for the long head, and diamond push-ups for the medial head will keep all the bases covered.

Why is the tricep long head important?

Folks, don’t underestimate the tricep long head’s importance! Besides helping improve your arm’s general strength and stability, it also beefs up your arm’s aesthetics, giving it an attractive, chiseled look (think Popeye, but less spinach).

Does close grip bench hit long head?

The close-grip bench will hit the long head, but only to a degree. It’s more of a team player, contributing to all three heads, though the emphasis is usually on the medial and lateral heads.

How do you get a horseshoe tricep?

Want to achieve a picture-perfect horseshoe tricep? The ticket to your success is dips, pushdowns, and overhead extensions. Basically, it’s about being persistent, just like a dog with a bone!

Is skull crusher lying or sitting?

Regarding skull crushers, you can do ’em both lying and sitting. It’s more about your comfort and the effect you’re aiming for. Either way, your triceps are going to be singing!

Should I do incline or normal skull crushers?

Incline or normal skull crushers, you ask? Well, the incline version can put more emphasis on the long head of the triceps, while normal ones distribute the load evenly. The ball is in your court!

Should skull crushers go behind your head or forehead?

The question of whether skull crushers should go behind your head or forehead is a tricky one. Some say extending them behind your head can give the triceps a better stretch. However, if it feels uncomfortable or strains your elbows, stick to the forehead.

Do tricep dips work the long head?

Tricep dips sure do work the long head. Just beware; they can be tricky devils and put a strain on your shoulders. So go about them carefully, like walking on eggshells.

How do you target the long head of your tricep bodyweight?

Looking to target the long head of your tricep with bodyweight? Good on ya! Diamond push-ups or bench dips can help, and you won’t need any snazzy equipment!

How do you target a long head of tricep without equipment?

And lastly, to target the long head of the tricep without any equipment, basic pushing and extending movements with your body weight, like a wall press, could be your best bet. It’s not flashy, but it’s like an old pair of jeans; reliable and always gets the job done!

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